Vladivostok. Birth of a legend

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The first time I heard this story many years ago.The changes that occur in the city in recent years, again and again forced to return to this prediction.


Once upon a time, long time ago in the southern French town of Narbonne was founded. City had great sacred significance: it kept the Holy Grail and other legendary treasures.

At the beginning of the 13th century horoscope of Narbonne was drawn . It predicted that the glory of Narbonne soon will be history, but his strength and power after 800 years will go to other city, horoscope gave exact geographical coordinates of that city.


These geographical coordinates coincide with the location of Vladivostok.

Vladivostok. Birth of a legend

If we count 800 years from the beginning of the 13th century, even the exact date is known for the prediction, 1209, we obtain the number 2009. We can say that from that time in Vladivostok started processes that radically change the city.: preparations for the APEC summit, city received world-class facilities – bridges, opera and ballet theater, the campus FEFU and much more.

And so it began!

It is already known that the city will build the largest gaming area, it plans to open a number of new iconic objects.

In the near future here will start the mechanism of a free port.

Simultaneously, an unprecedented reversal of Russian foreign policy from Europe to Asia, and a “window” in the region only one – Vladivostok.

Do not forget the fact that Vladivostok – the only city in Russia, and even in the world (!), which appears in two most famous geopolitical concepts of modernity:

– the formation of the Eurasian space from Vancouver to Vladivostok

– Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

At the birthday of the city, I want to wish you only one thing:

Let your 155 years are only the beginning of a big change. A true legend is born!

Happy Birthday, Vladivostok!

Vladivostok was born here!
Vladivostok was born here!