Vladivostok is very photogenic city. I have long years lived in the city and almost shot it at the camera. One day I had the idea to do a lot of photos of Vladivostok, to talk about our city to its guests.

I must say that I do not pretend to the role of a professional photographer. I shot the city as a tourist. You will see photos of Vladivostok without any special treatment, as you saw it yourself.

All photos of Vladivostok I broke into several categories:

Vladivostok: Photo

Here you can see a few dozen photographs that convey the nature of Vladivostok: the architecture, the people and events, and much more.

Sketches of Vladivostok

In this category are collected themed pictures. They are united by the fact that sometimes it’s easier and better to not write about something a lot of text and just to illustrate ideas. Look!

It is Vladivostok, baby

Here I made a selection of very crazy photos of Vladivostok!