Vladivostok and San Francisco

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The idea to compare Vladivostok and San Francisco is not new. But I have decided to do it again.

The Hills

As a rule, speaking about the similarities between the two cities, people are focused precisely on the terrain. Indeed, having arrived in San Francisco, I saw there the familiar streets of Vladivostok: up and down, up and down.

As Vladivostok, San Francisco has flat areas, not to say that the entire city is on the hills. But they reflect the character of the city. In this sense, Vladivostok and San Francisco are very similar.

The hills of San Francisco
The hills of San Francisco
he hills of Vladivostok
he hills of Vladivostok

Observation deck and the city from the sea

The most famous observation deck of San Francisco is well known to everyone because the same film. It is called “Twin Peaks.”

As forme in Vladivostok, they are more diverseobservation decks.

View of San Francisco from the sea can be seen from pleasure boats.

In Vladivostok, these boats also occasionally appear in the summer. My opinion is that the whole of Vladivostok from the sea is more varied and interesting.

Seagull over San Francisco
Seagull over San Francisco
Seagulls over Vladivostok
Seagulls over Vladivostok


Symbol of San Francisco – the bridge “Golden GateĀ».

Symbol of Vladivostok – the “Golden Bridge” and the bridge on the Russian island. All bridges are good, and I believe that they make our city similar.

Bridge in San Francisco can be seen through the fog

Vladivostok and San Francisco


The main tourist promenade of San Francisco is very comfortable, there are many colors and flowers.

Marine life right on the waterfront in San Francisco – this is what we must strive!

San -Frantsisko USA photo


Tram – a symbol of San Francisco.

And by this parameter we are hopelessly losing. Absolutely short-sighted, I think the decision to remove the tram from the center of Vladivostok.

It is not just a symbol of the city, but also the most environmentally friendly form of transport, which is now available on all the streets of European cities.

By the way, such as trams, in San Francisco, travel in Milan.

What if Vladivostok to buy a couple of trams in Milan?

Vladivostok and San Francisco

Sexual minorities and the homeless

San Francisco – the recognized capital of sexual minorities in the United States.

It seems that in this case, Vladivostok loses to his American “brotherĀ».

San Francisco has a lot of homeless. Personally, I have the impression that a lot more than in Vladivostok. Taking a walk on some neighborhood of San Francisco, I had all the time to look at my feet.

San Francisco Homeless prefer white socks
San Francisco Homeless prefer white socks
And in Vladivostok - black
And in Vladivostok – black

Blitz comparison

– As Vladivostok, San Francisco has its own famous factory for the production of confectionery products

– As in Vladivostok, in San Francisco in the heart of the city is a prison. However, today it is a museum.

– As Vladivostok, San Francisco is located on the peninsula.


But above all unites San Francisco and Vladivostok that can not be shown in the photographs. It is the nature of both cities.

Vladivostok is very similar to San Francisco. The same frantic pace, you can go crazy”, – said the famous Russian actress Lyudmila Gurchenko. I totally agree with it.

San Francisco – a freedom-city, a city that is not like other American cities.

The same can be said of Vladivostok: it does not have analogues in Russia.

A simple conclusion follows:

San Francisco and Vladivostok are similar dissimilarity!