Condensed milk by Karl Lagerfeld, by Lagerfeld, Karl!

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Many people in Vladivostok knows that one of the most famous designers of all time, Karl Lagerfeld, who worked on collections for Chanel, Fendi, Chloe, and others, has some relevance to our city.

The last time it recalled our famous fashion historian Aleksandr Vasiliev, who recently visited the city.

In his account, Alexander Vasilyev posted a picture with the inscription:

 Condensed milk by Karl Lagerfeld, by Lagerfeld, Karl!
In this house, situated in Vladivostok at street Svetlanskaya, 4 Otto Lagerfeld shot the office, a sales representative of the company “Nestle” and dear grandfather of Karl Lagerfeld!

But Alexander Vasilyev made some mistake. In Vladivostok lived father Karl of Lagerfeld.

However, this error is quite forgivable. Grandfather of the famous designer named Tonnies Johann Otto Lagerfeld, and his father – Otto Christian Ludwig Lagerfeld. As you can see, Otto is present in both names,.

Condensed milk by Karl Lagerfeld, by Lagerfeld, Karl!
Father of Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld himself rarely talks about his family, preferring not to reveal details of his personal life.

But in a recent interview with Metro, he said that his father spent 11 years in Russia, and more specifically – “sold condensed milk in Vladivostok’.

In the words of Karl Lagerfeld, his father was very fond of Russia and our city. But he was forced to leave after the 1917 revolution. Until the end of his days, Otto Lagerfeld greatly missed Russia.

And who knows if the revolution did not happen, perhaps Karl Lagerfeld would be born in Vladivostok on happiness to all dandies and ladies.

However, Karl Lagerfeld does not love Russia too much. “If I were a Russian woman, I would be a lesbian, and that men are – the real freaks. No, in Russia, of course, there is a nice man, but in general it is in Russia, you can see the most beautiful women and the most hideous men”, – said the designer in an interview.

From the entire history we can draw several conclusions:

– First, men Vladivostok, let’s put on and take care of yourself in order to meet our beautiful women;

– secondly, why do not to make the building on Svetlanskaya, 4 most stylish in the city?

– in the third, when the next time will feast on condensed milk, think about Karl Lagerfeld and those wonderful stories that are so full of Vladivostok!


The title of this article used a well-known Internet meme that is familiar to many users. Those who do not know, a short explanation.

In one of the episodes of “The Walking Dead,” the main character communicates with his son Carl.

After some time on the basis of that dialogue came meme father explains something, until the son is silent, then a dramatic repeats the last phrase, adding “Carl».

In our case:

Vladivostok could eat condensed milk by Karl Lagerfeld, by Lagerfeld, Karl!
Vladivostok could eat condensed milk by Karl Lagerfeld, by Lagerfeld, Karl!