Vladivostok the most

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Vladivostok – the most Automobile City :

As is estimated by the agency “AUTOSTAT”, Vladivostok is the most automobile city of Russia. For every thousand inhabitants here have accounted for 566 cars. That’s more than in any other city in Russia.

Vladivostok – the most commercial city :

– According to German researcher Lothar Degas, the first supermarket in the world appeared in Vladivostok. This is a famous trading house Kunst and Albers. Now in this building located Vladivostok GUM.

Vladivostok – the most strong city :

Vladivostok Fortress, which was built from 1870 to 1916, was the last and one of the most powerful naval fortresses in the world. Considered the largest fortress in the world.

Vladivostok – the most port city :

In the period from 1914 to 1917 Vladivostok held the title of the largest ports in the world in terms of cargo turnover. This was possible due to the blockade of European ports during the First World War.

Also Vladivostok my the most favorite city. This statement does not need to be supported by any facts!