Hermitage Museum Vladivostok

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Soon the Hermitage will be not only only in St. Petersburg, but in Vladivostok too. Read more about this important event.

The Hermitage Vladivostok

As recently confirmed by the Minister of Culture of Russia, the Hermitage will open its branch in Vladivostok.

The branch of the Hermitage exhibits pictures of the most famous painters. Perhaps there will be showcasing the work of local artists.

The Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum in Vladivostok, located in a former office building of the trading house “Kunst and Albers” at Svetlanskaya 38/40 street (opposite Vladivostok GUM).

This building was built in 1903 by the famous architect in modern romantic style. In the first years after the construction here was the dining room for employees of the company, living rooms, a ballroom, billiard room and library employees. On the top floor of the building it was located rooms for visiting family and apartment of Dattan. Alfred Dattan headed the office of the German consulate.

This building can rightly be considered a worthy representative of the European architecture in Vladivostok.

The new museum in Vladivostok

In addition to the Hermitage in the coming years in Vladivostok may appear new museums: branches of Russian museums, Tretyakov Gallery, and the Museum of the East

Visitvl.ru to tell the exact date of the opening of the Hermitage in Vladivostok, as well as all the news on the subject.