Most photographed places in Vladivostok

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Google has recently created a map of the world, which marked the places most frequently photographed.

According to this map, as you might expect, most often photographed in Vladivostok are in the city center.

Top 5 most popular places to photograph looks like:

– Observation deck near the funicular
(see photos from the observation platform in Vladivostok)

 scenic terrace in Vladivostok

– Central Train Station
(see photos from the railway station in Vladivostok)

Station Vladivostok

– The CentralĀ  Square
(see photos here)

Vladivostok Central Square

– Sportivnaya seafront
(photo report can be seen here)

 Sport promenade

– Korabelnaya seafront
(photo of Korabelnaya seafront in Vladivostok).

 Mast Quay